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Includes a linen tablecloth (fits 180 x 90 cm table), a Shida preserved flowers box to keep (RRP £50), a large clear bud vase, 2x ruffled red bud vases, 2x small clear bud vases, 2x glass candlestick holders and 2x mustard swirl wax candlesticks to keep.

Please note, all flowers and candlesticks are yours to keep.

All tablescapes come with a step-by-step guide to set the table up yourself.

Shida preserved flowers are a long-lasting alternative to cut flowers, they are harvested in full bloom and preserved naturally to retain their soft and beautifully fresh appearance for up to a year.


COMPLETE THE LOOK - £14 per person

Includes a large stone plate, small stone plate, Italian Murano water glass, gold knife, gold fork, gold spoon, gingham frill napkin and blank name tag per person.

Delivery & Collection is £15 each way.

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